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Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting the site, and perusing our massive range of foam rollers. As you have no doubt discovered, we offer a massive range that will suit the "weekend warrior" right through to the elite athletic and professional population.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver on our promise of being the Australian Foam Roller Specialists. Quite plainly, it is easy to see that foam rollers is what we do! We are experts in the field of foam rollers as we have put clinical experience to the test. Our managing director is a physiotherapist who regularly deals with athlete who compete from a local to national level. He uses his clinical experience and knowledge of the impact that muscular dysfunctions can have to ensure the products on this site are of the highest quality and will deliver real clinical results!

Customer Satisfaction and Quick Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. Customers who purchase products from us are given high levels of support, and you will NOT have to wait days for return emails or phone calls. Additionally, we utilise FastWay Couriers to ensure quick delivery Australia wide!

Buy A Foam Roller Now; You Will Not Be Disappointed!

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  • Celeste

    Over one month ago I purchased a foam roller for my mother (order number 3189). It still has not been delivered. I contacted you two weeks after the purchase and have not heard anything back. She contacted you two days ago and has not heard anything back. I paid almost $15 for express delivery. I have not been able to find a contact number to call someone to speak about this issue. I would like to advise that your customer satisfaction blurb above this contact form is 100% incorrect. I have received no customer satisfaction (I have not even received my item), I have received no support, let alone high levels, I have waited weeks for a reply email which is quite a bit longer than days and as it has been over a month and no item has been delivered, your promise of quick delivery is also incorrect.
    I am out of the country so you can call my mother on 0412142811 to have this issue rectified immediately.

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